Update on Angora Fire

Update 27 Jun 2007: The fire this morning is 44% contained. The weather shows that the winds will start by mid-morning and by mid-afternoon there will be heavy winds (15-20 steady winds with 35 gusting). There will be about 3-4 days of heavy winds.

There are now three shelters for people who have been manditorily evacuated by Eldorado County Officials. We are seeing several birds and animals off the mountain. One report yesterday was a bear and coyotes were running down streets to get away from the fire.

So far it is only about 2500 acres, but it could get worse. The firefighters are trying to dig in.

Update 26 Jun 2007: Two more developments have been evacuated. Also, two fire fighters were overburned, but survived.

The Fire is 40% contained.

Original post:
The Angora Fire is only 5% contained. It has burned 2500 acres and over 220 buildings, mostly homes. 1000 people have been evacuated from the area.

The fire crowned last night. Crowning means that the fire went into the tops of the trees and was jumping from tree to tree. Crowning is extremely dangerous to the fire crews and anyone on the ground.

Our Amateur group DCART has not been called up yet.

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4 Responses to Update on Angora Fire

  1. Are you very close to the fire? The news this morning is terrible!

  2. Pepe… We are close enough to be covered in the smoke. Thankfully a federal Type 2 team showed up today to take over… They will do a good job and they also have a lot of resources.I am not that close to the flames… thankfully

  3. Hope you are still safe! I feel really sad for the people who have lost homes, for the animals, too.And it is so HOT. I can’t even imagine how it is for the firefighters, wearing all that protective clothing and heavy gear….

  4. I feel sorry for them too pepek… but, thankfully no one has been hurt yet.Tahoe temps haven’t been too bad so the firefighters are doing OK. So far no injuries or deaths there either… Cyn

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