Poker Cards for Poker Night

What would poker night be without poker cards. (Useless ?) Anyway, I have a few packs of cards that I have used for years (solitaire and other games). But, when you are having one of those guy’s or gal’s night out, it would be nice to have nice crisp cards.

You can find your Copag Playing Cards here. They have a wide variety of cards that are quite inexpensive.

I know I sound a bit superficial here, but I like to shuffle. Playing cards online (or on a machine) does not have the feel of cards flipping in your hands. I have the same problem with slots. When most of the machines in Nevada (especially Las Vegas) changed to digital instead of mechanical machines, I was sad. I like to pull the slot handle. It is not as much fun to push the button. Yea, it is a physical thing for me. I haven’t gambled in over 2 years.

So it is the same with cards. I like the feel of cards (plasticized) flipping through my hands. I like setting the cards down on a poker card table. I like solving my solitaire games with actual cards.

Also, this website offers free shipping for orders over $100. So check out all of the items.


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