Principles and Methods for Assessing Autoimmunity Associated with Exposure to Chemicals

I felt that this was a serious enough topic to post here. This document from the World Health Organization has some information for those of you who have worked in the electronics fields like I did.

In the summary, it says that when you look at the different autoimmune diseases that they seem rather rare. However, when you combine the auto-immune diseases then you begin to realize the seriousness of these diseases because 3-5 percent of the general population are affected.

I think that my disease may have been caused by TCE used in cleaning electronic components. Also, my disease began to show after working in a School Age Program. During that time, I was constantly getting sick. But, when I told my doctors of my suspicion they told me that it was impossible to tell what had caused the initial trigger because we were looking at several generations of cells past the trigger.

Also, they were more worried about saving my life that researching the cause. I can understand that.

But any of you who are in the same predicament as myself, here is a document that might give you more information about autoimmunity in relation to chemical exposure.


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