Buying Silver Coins

When I was young, my grandmother bought some silver coins to give to her grandchildren. I still have that coin in my jewelry box. It reminds me of her. I have to admit that it is probably not worth as much as it should because I like to rub my thumb across the face of it.

Although I do like to look at gold, I have always liked the feel of silver. But silver is not only for jewelry. Many analysts feel that silver, and specifically U.S. silver coins, presents an outstanding investment opportunity.

Monex coin dealer has the best US silver coin prices and programs in the industry. They sell US silver eagles and the Canadian Maple Leaf.

As I said before, I enjoy these precious metals, not just for their investment value, but also for their beauty. A few years ago, one of my bosses gave each of his employees a silver coin. It was plasticized so that my fingerprings wouldn’t hurt the value of the coin. This coin is one of my most prized possessions.

Sponsored by Montex Precious Metals


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