We are in the middle . . .

of the biggest winter storm in several years.

The first wave came over the Sierras last night leaving about 2-4 inches of snow in Carson City. The second wave started today about midday.

We are expecting the third wave Sunday night.

Because of a levee break in Fernley, there is a lot of people working today. The break was 40-50 ft, dumping tons of water in the lowest part of Fernley.

About eight hundred homes were compromised and about 2000 people were evacuated. Reports from evacuees said that in some places there were six feet of water.

The pictures from Fernley are incredible.

The Red Cross is providing shelter for the families in the area.

The storm that is hitting Carson City is also hitting Fernley.

There were a lot of reports that people in Fernley who were not hit by the flood, took out their small boats and inflatables so that they could rescue their neighbors.

Not only were the people rescued, but also the animals were rescued too.

I am giving a big Hoorah!!! to all of you involved in this rescue effort.

About Cyn Bagley

My life is a mixture of travel, jobs, and disease. You can find some of my novels on amazon.com under the name Cyn Bagley.
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4 Responses to We are in the middle . . .

  1. chiefbiscuit says:

    Doesn’t sound too good. Hope everyone is okay. Thank God for people willing to help.

  2. Chiefb. Fernley, Nevada is a close neighborhood. They call it a bedroom community of Reno because it is only about 30 miles away.Thankfully, no one was hurt or died. Cyn

  3. I played golf this morning in shorts. I grew up in snow country but will never live there again. I love the beach.

  4. I was in Pensacola Florida for some Navy training. I do miss the beaches. :-)Cyn

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