Patient safety toolkits available online

Rockville, Md.—The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has 17 ways to help health care providers and patients enhance patient safety and reduce medical errors—The AHRQ Patient Safety Tools: Improving Safety at the Point of Care.

A total of 17 toolkits, produced under AHRQ’s Partnerships in Implementing Patient Safety grant program, include a variety of evidence-based tools, including training materials, medication guides and checklists developed in the field. They are designed to help health care institutions, dentists, physicians, nurses, hospital managers and others provide (and consumers receive) safe, quality health care at various points in the health care process—in the hospital, the emergency department, the intensive care unit, outpatient settings and when patients are discharged from one setting to another.

The toolkits are free, publicly available and can be adapted to most health care settings. Materials range from checklists to help reconcile medications when patients are discharged from the hospital to processes that enhance effective communication among caregivers and with patients, and toolkits to help patients taking medications. Information also correlates with the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals, which promote system-wide improvements in patient safety.

For a complete list of topic areas or to access toolkits online, log on to .

My Analysis: Sufferers of chronic disease should look into these toolkits. Usually when WG patients leave the hospital (at least in my experience), they need help in reconciling medications, treatments, and limitations. It is helpful to both the patient and the caretaker. We had to come up with our own strategies.


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