Earthquake Swarm

Just a note to those who have an interest in the current Nevada Earthquakes, you can get your info at the Nevada Seismological Laboratory.

There was a 4.7 rocked northern Reno on April 26, 2008. Last night, the 4.1 (I think) was in the Ely area. Udate: I was wrong because it was in the same Mogul/Verdi area.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when the shaking is going to stop. It seems to be going up the north/south corridor near the I80 interchange.

Those of us in Carson City have not felt any shakes, but others from South Tahoe to Fallon have felt the bigger quakes.

The only comparison we can make is to the earthquakes in Alaska. These quakes in Nevada have been shallow, causing more side-to-side movement, and a lot of cracks in homes and business.

We are the third active earthquake state in the U.S.


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2 Responses to Earthquake Swarm

  1. sideon says:

    You’re safe and sound??

  2. Don,We are fine. We have a mountain range between us and Reno so we don’t feel the shaking. :-)No cracks here…thankfully.Thanks for asking.Cyn

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