W.H. Stark House: A Victorian Landmark

One of my favorite activities is to tour Victorian homes like the W.H. Stark House. This gracious home was built in 1894 by W.H. Stark and his wife, Miriam Lutcher Stark. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and designated as a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark by the Texas Historical Commission.

W.H. and Miriam occupied the house until their deaths in 1936. The house was closed until 1971 when it was restored. According to the information on the house, W.H., Miriam, and their son were the only family to live in the house.

The W.H. Stark House is typical of the gracious living found in the Victorian era. Unfortunately, my husband and I are too far away to visit this home. But, if we had the chance, we would wander the gardens, enjoying the spring flowers. We would ooh and aah at the collections showcased in the home. Both W.H. and Miriam were avid collectors. We would definitely enjoy the tour of the house and gardens.

Here is some tour information that you can also find on the website:

Open: Tuesday – Saturday

Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Closed: New Year’s Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day

Admission: $5.00 per adult (18-64 years)
$2.00 per senior (65 years and older) and per youth (ages 10 to 17 years)

Admission can change without prior notice.

After the tour, we would probably go into Orange, Texas and enjoy the beauty of the small city. Orange, Texas is a Preserve America City, which means that they have several restored buildings from the Victorian era. Plus the gardens. From what I can tell of the pictures, it looks very much like the small German towns we would walk through.

Definitely bring your camera.

I encourage you to check out the website and view the grounds, home, and collection. Then plan that family or couple vacation to Orange, Texas. If you live near the town, I am envious. You can see this beautiful house and grounds any time you want.


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