It’s my birthday

And, I have survived another year.

More than anything I am grateful that my doctors are pro-active about my health problems. Wegener’s Granulomatosis can be a scary disease because it can affect any organ in the body.

I am also grateful to my husband for taking care of me when I was extremely sick. As for the present, he is trying to get me back on my feet again mentally and physically. After taking chemo drugs and prednisone, it can be a long road back.

It has been six years and eight months since I was diagnosed with this disease. I am still kicking.

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About Cyn Bagley

My life is a mixture of travel, jobs, and disease. You can find some of my novels on under the name Cyn Bagley.
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3 Responses to It’s my birthday

  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Cyn! Just trying to get caught up on the blog rounds and saw your post. Hang in there. Sending lots of love and light your way!Best,Millenia

  2. Thanks Millenia.. it was a very happy birthday. :-)Cyn

  3. sideon says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, indeed!Big hugs to you, Cyn.-Sideon

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