Investigation of quality of life, mood, pain, disability, and disease status in primary systemic vasculitis


To assess quality of life (QOL) and psychological adjustment in primary systemic vasculitis (PSV), and to assess their relationship to disease-related measures.

The rest of this article is here.

What I have to say: Many patients with vasculitis especially during the first year of treatment have said that they needed some type of psychological med to feel better. One of the problems that I had during the first two years of treatment was a reaction to the meds, especially prednisone, and feeling fear. My reactions to prednisone that also caused some of the fear was paranoia, dementia, and mood swings.

Also, I knew a patient that had subglottis stenosis (scar tissue in the throat that eventually closed the airway). It was extremely scary when she couldn’t breathe. She also had to have surgery to keep her airway open every three months. In her case, her doctor gave her zoloft to keep the fear at bay.

So I am not surprised that psychologically, vasculitis patients are a mess and need help.


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