Is Vitamin B12 Deficiency an Autoimmune Disorder? Yup.

If you’ve been diagnosed with vitamin B12 deficiency, you’re probably wondering, “How did this happen?”  Unless you’re a vegan or a gastric bypass patient, it’s likely that vitamin B12 deficiency resulted from an autoimmune disorder that causes pernicious anemia.

The rest of the article is here.

What I have to say: Lately several members of our Vasculitis group have been having problems with anemia caused by the medications used to control the disease. One of the treatments besides a blood transfusion has been Vitamin B12 shots.

I have learned from my doctors that B12 deficiencies are common in auto-immune patients. So check this one out if you have persistent anemia.


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2 Responses to Is Vitamin B12 Deficiency an Autoimmune Disorder? Yup.

  1. vitamin b12 says:

    what is the meaning of autoimmune? is this related to immune deficiency? If this is linked, so if a person with vitamin b12 deficiency will likely have leukemia due to persistent anemia, right?

  2. Cyn Bagley says:

    Hello – Immune deficiency and auto-immunity are two different conditions. means that the immune responses attack the body. The current treatment is to reduce the immune response with chemo and prednisone. We get VitB12 deficiency due to the treatment and it can lead to anemia I suppose. However, in my case it is linked to the medication, which is usually the case. When we are taken off the meds the anemia starts to repair – if it doesn't then we end up being treated for anemia as well.I hope this answers your questions.

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