Rheumatologist examination

Dr. Scully is my rheumatologist in Reno. If you ever need to go to a good doctor for your Vasculitis needs, this is the doctor to go see. He is there for his patients and he discusses treatments with you.

Yesterday was my appointment. I have been having some ups and downs lately with some of my meds. My doctor realized a few months back that I was getting anemic. I couldn’t tell because it was a slow decline, but I hadn’t felt that good in months.

I was taken off azathioprene and put on Cellcept. I started to have some problems, so I had a few blood tests that didn’t show much. After talking to my rheumy, we came to the conclusion that I might be having drug interactions with my new drug and my high blood pressure meds. I had started using niacin because my cholesterol was high and because I couldn’t use statins. My primary doctor, Dr. Horgan, also a very good doc, understood my concerns. He took me off of two of my meds entirely and then reduced the dose of my third med.

So far I am seeing an increase in energy. I still have cramps, but I am learning to take more magnesium/potassium and calcium. I have to juggle it because calcium can bind with Cellcept and prednisone.

The really good news for me is that my rheumy decided at this appointment to let me wean down my prednisone. I have been on 5 mg. for several years. I have some skin problems due to the long prednisone use.

It will take months to wean. I may not be able to wean completely, but it will be great.

The other great news is that the creatinine level dropped again with the protein leak. It is looking up.


About Cyn Bagley

My life is a mixture of travel, jobs, and disease. You can find some of my novels on amazon.com under the name Cyn Bagley.
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