Update on my health

So far I have been in good health except for the propensity for getting various infections. The beginning of this year, I did something to my hip and couldn’t walk for a week. After resting, and then going to a chiropractor, I started walking a few minutes a day. This was around March.

I started to feel better and then began the infections. Once I got that under control, we started to have a smoke plume from the Yosemite Rim Fire. It was pretty hard on my lungs, sinuses, and eyes.

Thankfully the smoke and haze has gotten better in the last two days and I am starting to feel better again.

I found that I am having some rare side-effects from the generic Cellcept. Some of these include itching, UTIs, and other infections. My joints have been sore as well.

As for the disease, Wegener’s Granulomatosis, the meds have kept it under control. I have had some drug interactions between the Cellcept and my blood pressure meds so I am using niacin to keep my blood pressure under control So far, so good in that area.

So this is the State of the Union of my health. I am completely off the prednisone now, yeah. And, hopefully I can keep in good health for the next year. I will keep giving updates as well as any information that I find about Vasculitis disease and Vasculitis treatments.


About Cyn Bagley

My life is a mixture of travel, jobs, and disease. You can find some of my novels on amazon.com under the name Cyn Bagley.
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