The continuing saga

Update: I went to Quest to get some blood drawn. It was about nine vials. I had to cancel my pre-op appointments because they must be done a certain time before surgery (two months is too far away). So waiting for the biopsy appointment.

Today I prepare to get some blood drawn for my new doctor, Dr. Wang. Now I have the right doctor. I have been pushing for someone to care for my thyroid problem ever since i discovered that the biopsy said a nodule in my neck had papillary carcinoma (translated cancer).

This is the doctor that is really hard to get to. I had to run through hoops with my primary care and my insurance. Then I had to get my brother involved because it looked like at least one of the doctor’s offices dropped the ball. It became a stressful mess for me.

On my appointment I was prepared for more of the same runarounds. I was resigned when one of the younger doctors took down my story and listened to what I had to say. Then he checked my neck.

Moments later I could hear him talk to Dr. Wang. Apparently the diagnostic team had dropped the job. They should have done a biopsy and more than one nodule and the lymph nodes.

Dr. Wang bustled into the room and I knew immediately that I would listen to what he had to say. I felt confidence from him and in me about his abilities. In my life as a professional “sickie,” you don’t meet too many doctors who are in the doctoring business as a calling.

And then I had the greatest shock. This doctor treated patients with my disease. He checked to make sure I didn’t have active Wegener’s disease in my sinuses. My sinuses and throat were clear.

Then he talked to me about the thyroid cancer. I could have a complete thyroidectomy–but in the field they had had more successes with partials. It was up to me. I said that I was prepared to lose the entire thing. But, I would be happier with a partial if we could get away with it. I am much luckier with at least something– i.e. I have some of my kidneys and I don’t have to deal with a transplant.

Well, the biopsy wasn’t enough to know if I could have a partial. So instead of scheduling me for a full thyroidectomy, I will now get some more diagnostic tests done. Then I will know if there is any cancer in the other side of my thyroid or in my lymph nodes.

Other than I feel slightly sick and really tired. I think I can handle waiting so that he can do this surgery properly.


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My life is a mixture of travel, jobs, and disease. You can find some of my novels on under the name Cyn Bagley.
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