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The Excitement and Tragedy of the Kentucky Derby

Yesterday, I watched the Kentucky Derby on NBC at 3 p.m. PST. As I watched the pre-Derby excitement, I was not impressed with the owners, the jockeys, and the trainers. I was a little bit interested in the hats. Kentucky … Continue reading

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Great-Horned Owls

With all the publicity that these large owls are getting lately, I want to cash in and tell my story. Just a couple of years ago we were coming out of an Amateur Radio meeting in Gardnerville when something hooted … Continue reading

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The Poor Poor Bears

In this article Another Bear comes to Town, a female bear had climbed up a cottonwood tree in town. They left her there. Another bear, I think in Sparks, was tranked by the biologists. This bear fell thirty feet. On … Continue reading

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Walking in the World

There are two reasons I walk: for health and for creativity. As I walk for my health, I feel my lungs fill with air, I feel my body tighten and release, and I feel myself–one step at a time–become part … Continue reading

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Sunday Scribblings: The End

The writing prompt today is “The End.” I was going to post one of my poems about death called “To The End,” but something happened today that put death on my balcony. Yesterday, there was this little finch. He looked … Continue reading

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A True Dog Hero

There are more ways than dramatic fire or water rescues to save a person. Herky, a Jack Russell Terrier, showed me one. At the time, he was seven years old. I was 41. I had been diagnosed with a rare … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Me

We went to the Sierra Safari Zoo. It was a small wildlife park north of Reno. I had a great time. Even the small cats were friendly. The picture is of Rocky a serval cat. He loves to vocalize and … Continue reading

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