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The continuing saga

Update: I went to Quest to get some blood drawn. It was about nine vials. I had to cancel my pre-op appointments because they must be done a certain time before surgery (two months is too far away). So waiting … Continue reading

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What gives?

So at the beginning of this year, I started to have problems again. I thought I might be in a flare. However, when my doctor took some labs, my kidney creatinine levels were higher and my inflammation levels were about … Continue reading

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When you have to see a dentist

So I had a dental appointment on Wednesday. I usually hate to go not because I’m treated badly, but because I usually have either cavities or another tooth ready to give up the ghost. This time I had both. Apparently … Continue reading

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Gala dinner raises grand sum in Lauren’s memory

Jun 17 2011 by Clair Fullarton, Kilmarnock Standard  A GALA dinner in honour of a teenager who died from a rare disease has raised almost £6000 for the charity which bears her name. Lauren Currie, from Kilmarnock, was just 15 … Continue reading

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Psychological aspects of vasculitis

The patient confronted with the diagnosis of vasculitis is likely to exhibit psychological reactions similar to those observed in other chronic illnesses. Research has shown that shock usually accompanies the diagnosis of a chronic life‐threatening illness, and denial can be … Continue reading

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Name Change of Wegner’s Granulomatosis

St. Paul, Minn. — A Mayo Clinic doctor has convinced three medical organizations to rename a rare vascular disorder because its namesake, celebrated German pathologist Dr. Friedrich Wegener, was a Nazi Party member who belonged to a paramilitary organization. Wegener … Continue reading

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Another Day Without Water

For some reason our building needed some work done on the plumbing. At least our landlady sent a note that we would be without water for the entire day. I think it was a fluke, but we were without water … Continue reading

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