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We are waiting for our the grandkids (and their parents of course) show up for their Tahoe vacation. It is going to be fun. Advertisements

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Sunday Scribblings: Smorgasbord

We were in Germany. There were no troubles on the horizon. I was working on my English degree and my husband was working for a military contractor. I wanted to see more of Europe. My girlfriend, Patricia, had suggested going … Continue reading

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Sunday Scribblings: Time Machine

Two smells take me back to the 1960s: cinnamon and chocolate. My mother loved both of these smells. Her grandmother used to make a type of cinnamon candy that she could taste and smell at Christmas time. So during Christmas … Continue reading

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Conjure Man

Well, I continued writing even though I finished my 50,000 word book. I am letting that one rest while I work on my other ones. I started Conjure Man a year before I became ill with Wegener’s Granulomatosis. I stopped … Continue reading

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Sunday Scribblings: Collections

I have always considered myself NOT a collector. My mother was into fabrics and crafts. She has a large mobile home filled with stuff. She would collect rags so that she could make rugs. In my case, I have had … Continue reading

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Jobs Americans Won’t Do?

In this article from Sierra Sage (I picked my blogname before I knew about this little newspaper in northern Nevada), the writer Len Semas writes about the messy triangle between the government, U.S. workers, and illegal aliens. His first job … Continue reading

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Sunday Scribblings: Goosebumps

There are a lot of things that give me goosebumps-cold winds, scary stories, changes in temperatures. But, nature is sure to get me every time. When I lived in Farmcreek, Utah above the Ute Tribe reservation, my Mom and I … Continue reading

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