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Story Mash

Lately I have been trying out a few writing sites to keep the creativity flowing. Do you remember the days in school when the teacher would tell you to write a few lines, fold the paper, and pass it to … Continue reading

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Sunday Scribblings: My Name Is …

My name is Erica. My family came from Iceland. We are from Eric the Red. We did not embrace the One God. We were hidden. If you had read the stories, you would know that Eric never acknowledged Christ. He … Continue reading

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In Her Majesty’s Service

Tuxedo T-shirt tucked into a pair of wrinkled Dockers pants. Two socks, one black and one navy, peeked from under this ensemble. Hair, a mixture of gray and brown, spiked around a face with a two-day shadow and hung-over eyes. … Continue reading

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A Birthday to Remember

An assignment for Scrambled Sage on Toast. He was nine years old–a young eager kid that could make you laugh with a quip or a joke. Today was his birthday. “David,” yelled his mother. “Get in here.” David smiled. Well, … Continue reading

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Color My World

Picture found here. It had been one of those weekends–you know, the one where you are so tired from the week’s work that you need to sleep, and sleep, and sleep. Except I should have the energy. I really should. … Continue reading

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It Was Twilight

“Hush…” Mark said. His hand was pulling my arm as he led me up the thin pathway. To me the pathway was barred by bushes and brambles. Once he pulled me through and I landed on a white bark tree. … Continue reading

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It’s All About Survival

**A story I wrote in 2001. It has never been published. In the high-mountainous desert of eastern Utah, the early-morning air seeped through her clothing. Chrissie shivered. Even, the borrowed gloves, too big for her hands, barely kept them warm. … Continue reading

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