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The continuing saga

Update: I went to Quest to get some blood drawn. It was about nine vials. I had to cancel my pre-op appointments because they must be done a certain time before surgery (two months is too far away). So waiting … Continue reading

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Psychological aspects of vasculitis

The patient confronted with the diagnosis of vasculitis is likely to exhibit psychological reactions similar to those observed in other chronic illnesses. Research has shown that shock usually accompanies the diagnosis of a chronic life‚Äźthreatening illness, and denial can be … Continue reading

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Stress is not good for Chronic Illness Patients

Although doctors tell us to watch our stress levels, this information about stress is mainly anecdotal. Just recently I had an incident in my apartment complex that caused my stress levels to reach epic levels. I am not going to … Continue reading

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Human Powered Cause Discovery

Dan Rua started a spark to discover causes that help the human condition. You can read his post Human Powered Cause Discovery. We can be involved in many types of causes without spending money. For instance, we have a real … Continue reading

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Drug Safety Relies on YOU, the Healthcare Professional, to Find and Report New Serious Adverse Reactions

A single vigilant healthcare practitioner (HCP) can make a major contribution to public health by participating in the Food and Drug Administration’ s (FDA’s) Spontaneous Reporting System. This means you! How can we help ensure a drug is safe once … Continue reading

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Working While Chronically Ill

By Marci Alboher In researching my column on how small business owners deal with health insurance, I talked to Rosalind Joffe, an executivecoach who specializes in helping people who have chronic illnesses. Ms. Joffe has suffered from multiple sclerosis and … Continue reading

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No Honey, I have a Headache

Geez, I was rubbing and nodding my head, when I realized that I had a headache. Not a migraine. Not a sinus headache. Just a low-grade headache pressing against my forehead. The reason I didn’t realize that I had a … Continue reading

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