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Abnormally normal

Last week I went to my semi-annual appointment with my Rheumatologist. I have been going to him for over eight years now. So his first words were that my labs were abnormally normal for me. My creatinine level was 1.6. … Continue reading

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When you have to see a dentist

So I had a dental appointment on Wednesday. I usually hate to go not because I’m treated badly, but because I usually have either cavities or another tooth ready to give up the ghost. This time I had both. Apparently … Continue reading

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Motorcyclists rev their engines to help children

It was a special day for a couple of youngsters thanks to a group on wheels. The First Canadian Army Veterans Motorcycle Arras Unit held a special fundraiser for seven-year-old Emily Cole of Peterborough and 19-month-old Jacob Connor of Whitby … Continue reading

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Medical News: ASCO: New Drug Protects Against Clots in Ca Patients

CHICAGO — An experimental anticoagulant reduced the risk of dangerous blood clots by 64% in patients undergoing chemotherapy, researchers said here. Article is here. My opinions: For those of you on anti-coagulants and chemo, you might want to look into … Continue reading

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Gamma Globulins and me

The last half a year I have been talking to several doctors about white blood cells and my lowered gamma globulins. Because of my vasculitis disease and chemo-suppressed immune system, my rheumatologist wanted to make sure that I didn’t need … Continue reading

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Happy 2010!

My new year’s resolution this year is to spend more time on this blog and to write more. You can find me on twitter @Cynbagley. Yes, I am still alive and kicking. The last six months I have been going … Continue reading

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UNC Kidney Center

UNC Kidney Center-Learn about kidney diseases such as Anca Vasculitis and FSGS, get to know our faculty and staff, research our fellowship program, and much more. First paragraph on the site (the title of this post is linked to the … Continue reading

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