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I Left the Elevator Music On

So the last two weeks, my hubby and I have been vacationing and visiting the grandkids. I am now officially aging. Why? My seven year old grandson called me Grandma. Plus I turned fifty on the 19th. Anyway, I am … Continue reading

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It’s my birthday

And, I have survived another year. More than anything I am grateful that my doctors are pro-active about my health problems. Wegener’s Granulomatosis can be a scary disease because it can affect any organ in the body. I am also … Continue reading

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You Can’t Always Get What You Want

… but you get what you need!!! (Rolling Stones) I have been watching some of those recession ads that are taking over the TV airways and I can’t help but think that there is some entitlement going on… So what! … Continue reading

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No News Can be Good News

But not in this case– Medically: My rheumatologist has asked me to lower my meds (imuran) for the next few months to see if my WBC (white blood count) makes a come-back. It is too low so I get a … Continue reading

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Do one brave thing

Winter is finally here. As I am sitting here, writing this post, the temperature is 12 degrees. I shiver in my thermals and sweaters. The birds–scrub jays, finches, and flickers–have been eating us out of seeds. They show up at … Continue reading

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Listening to Maria Callas

My tastes in music are quite diverse. During the Christmas season, I reacquaint myself with the Christmas classic- Jingle bells, Christmas song, I’ll be home for Christmas, and many others. It was a few years ago that I started to … Continue reading

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I am still here

Sorry friends… I have been around, but not on this site. Recently, I started doing some volunteer work for Helium. I have over 180 essays from book reviews to memoirs. Also, I am a poetry steward on this site. It … Continue reading

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