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Invitation to Helium

So to all my friends and readers, I have been placing a lot of my short stories and memoirs at a publishing site called Helium. This site is dedicated to helping new, intermediate, and expert writers through ratings and peer … Continue reading

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The Excitement and Tragedy of the Kentucky Derby

Yesterday, I watched the Kentucky Derby on NBC at 3 p.m. PST. As I watched the pre-Derby excitement, I was not impressed with the owners, the jockeys, and the trainers. I was a little bit interested in the hats. Kentucky … Continue reading

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My New Website

I finally have put together a website to feature my memoirs, short stories, and poetry. I am pretty excited because it has taken me a full two days of playing with the HTML to finally get what I want. So … Continue reading

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Creeping Crud

To all my friends, relatives, and others… I am currently dealing with the creeping crud. It has significantly sapped my energy and my creativity. Gotta tell ya, you don’t want this one. I had my flu shot. I had my … Continue reading

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Benazir Bhutto Assasinated

Story is here. Pakistan is in play. Democracy? or Al Quaida? Update: I was watching the T.V. news updates on Bhutto’s life. There were a few interesting facts that have come to light: 1. She knew that she might be … Continue reading

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Name That Alcohol

95%ALCOHOLIC Shamefaced. Actually, I know much of this from my Navy years. At this time and because of my medication, I am not allowed to drink at all. If I did drink, it would be red or white wine. I … Continue reading

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Sunday Scribblings: Dance

The first time I went to college, I had a hard time chosing between music and dance. I am the girl that would stand in front of an orchestra recording and direct the music. My mother had a music wand. … Continue reading

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