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It was windy yesterday

Yesterday, we had gusts up to 60 mph. It shook the trees and almost broke the branches on the fir tree across from our balcony. The house and purple finches huddled on our balcony, eating sunflower seeds. However, the wind … Continue reading

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More Earthquakes

Last night the Mogul/Verdi area had two more earthquakes at 3.0 (or 3.1). The total for this earthquake swarm at this moment is 300. The swarm according to the Seismological laboratory started after the Wells earthquake. Unfortunately, we are sure … Continue reading

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Earthquake Swarm

Just a note to those who have an interest in the current Nevada Earthquakes, you can get your info at the Nevada Seismological Laboratory. There was a 4.7 rocked northern Reno on April 26, 2008. Last night, the 4.1 (I … Continue reading

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Santa Anna Fires in So. Cal.

The latest I have heard on the fires is that about 1 million people have been evacuated and about 1000 homes have been burned. Last night, several fire fighters from Nevada have gone to California to help with the fires. … Continue reading

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Snow in September

Article here at RGJ. We had the first snow of the season on the Mount Rose Highway. It was wet and sticky and pretty heavy. AND really early. Last year we barely had any snow. Also, they are having Street … Continue reading

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The Poor Poor Bears

In this article Another Bear comes to Town, a female bear had climbed up a cottonwood tree in town. They left her there. Another bear, I think in Sparks, was tranked by the biologists. This bear fell thirty feet. On … Continue reading

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The Great Reno Balloon Race

I can’t believe it is that time of year again. The Great Reno Balloon Race is back. Normally, I don’t go to this event because it is so crowded. But I hear that there is nothing like watching the balloons … Continue reading

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